Daddy Please

Mum was crying, so was grandma and Julie, now all these people are coming into the compound *mayooing and *goyoing au-wiii. When they *goyo au-wii it makes my chest hurt. I think something bad is happening.

I don’t like the way these people start crying when they see me. They touch me without permission. They smell like cows  and Min-Tony. If mum saw them touching me she would shout at them. I want mummy to tell them to stop it.

Where is mummy? Maybe she’s in the big house with daddy.

These people only come when there is something to do with daddy. But they don’t come when we come alone with mummy. Even when he is just drinking tusker and doing nothing they come.

These people are making me cry and I’m not hurt. Why am I crying – I don’t want to cry! I want mummy.


When I talk, they listen but last time we were here they laughed and called me *nyaloka. I don’t like the village. I want to go back home.

“Stop touching my head!”

They keep touching touching my head. It’s still very cold after they shaved off my pussycat braids. Aunty June braided them because we were coming to the village but the smelly old man with bad eyes said ati it was *chiira for me, mum and Julie to have hair. I don’t like him.

Oh! There’s she is.

“ Mum!”

Mummy has been crying a lot and her eyes have turned red. The last time I saw her crying was when she was sick. She said tears were just falling out without her wanting. I think it’s because daddy is still asleep. Daddy has been sleeping for a very long time. Mum said I could miss school because daddy refused to get up. Since Tuesday he has been sleeping. I don’t know why he’s sleeping on the table. Maybe that’s why everybody has come to see him. Maybe it’s weird that he is sleeping on the table and that’s why they are crying. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to wake up, He doesn’t like people watching him sleep, but he refused to get up the last time I told him to. Maybe he’ll listen if I tell him everybody is watching.

“Daddy, please get up. Everybody is looking at you and I don’t think you’ll like it. Daddy, wake up! Daddy please get up, everybody is looking at you because you are on the table.”

Why is daddy not listening to me? Now I feel really bad. Why doesn’t daddy want to listen to me?

“Daddy you are making me cry! Daddy stop playing games – no more games daddy! Leave me alone mum! Daddy needs to get up so that all these people can stop crying and go home.  Leave me alone! Mum leave– Put me down I want to be with daddy! Put me down I want daddy! I want daddy! Daddy! Daddy get up!! Dadddyyyyyy…”

*Mayooing  & *Goyoing au-wii - Wailing noises luos make during funerals

*nyaloka - Luo word for foreigner

*Chiira - Luo word for curse