Genre: Romantic Drama

Duration: 5 mins

Language: Swahili & Sheng 


Religion should be the only reason they aren’t together. Well it isn’t.


Everybody has been head over heels in love. For most of us, it happened when we were teens. For a lot of us, it is still happening even as we go through the different core stages in life. This has always been represented in Kenyan film, however, too idealistically. I wanted to show a face of love that never makes it to our mainstream stories: married women falling in love, pregnant women falling in love, grown adults falling in love, Parents and religion interfering with love.

I also want to experiment with the style of filmmaking through framing. For most of the film, the audience will believe that Emmanuel & Iffat are just a couple in love, walking together. But we will eventually reveal that they are in fact far apart, and Iffat is pregnant with a spouse. 80% of the film will be told through close ups and Voice overs, to intensify the intimacy and emotions that this couple shares.

The film will be shot during sunset hours and will have an orange/amber glow to it. However, the feel of the setting will be blue, a tool to convey the cold that seeps through a seemingly warm environment, space and love.


The film is currently in the pre-production stages. It was recently short-listed for funding by the Docubox Short Film Fund which you can read about here

Production date is yet to be determined.


John Fish Chege & Cindy Kahuha


Production Company: Dinpix Africa Org

Producers: Krysteen Savane & Dina Mwende

Writer/Director - Oprah Oyugi

DOP - Emma Nzioka

Assistant Director - Firul Maithya

Production Assistant - Arthur Sanya

Grips & Sparks - Paul Atoni

Sound - Grishon Onyango

Location Managers: Pius Onchonga & Humphrey Maina