Juvenility Compulsion

It’s tough growing up; growing up is tough

It’s disconcerting, it’s annoying, it’s nerve-racking and confusing

Very frustrating, irritating

When you slowly become aware,

When finally, the realization is there,

That it’s all rests on you; your success, your future your bloody life caricature

Whether you win or lose.

It all turns out as you choose


And sometimes, I do

I make that conscious decision not to do

Not to do what I need to do,

To make me the grown-up I need to be,

I just want to be a kid some more, someone tell me, what’s wrong with that?

I want to be irresponsible without fear

I want to muck up and not care

I want to be negligent without accountability

I don’t want to care about my stability

I want not to know, the things that I know,

I want to not care, as much as I do care,

I want to start over, a clean page

To be young and naïve again

I want to go back to a time when,

I lived only for there and then

Give me back my limitless dreams,

Give me back my effortless future,

Hell I said give back to me my guiltless past,

I beg of you, I cannot survive without my innocent dreams


I want back my liberty of ignorance,

My blinded steps over dark pits,

My previous state of unconsciousness

My disregard and immature arrogance,

My bullheaded stubbornness

My innocent unawareness

Youthful naivety

My oblivious peace.