LUSALA - Feature Film

Role: Co - Writer



Lusala, tells the story of a young man rescued from his abusive upcountry home, who then moves in with an affluent Nairobi family.

Years later, when he comes of age, he is imposed upon to leave the nest and start out life on his own. Eager and acquiescent at first, he makes the most of his new life, until the demons from his past return, and he is forced to face them alone.


On Lusala, I got the privilege of being one of 3 writers. We worked in a writers room for 4months at Gingerink Offices under the guidance of Ian Masters & David Chikwe

I also got a cameo in the swimming scene - spot me if you can ;)


LUSALA premiered on 6th June, 2019 at the 3rd NBO Film Festival. It opens in Kenyan cinemas on 21st June, 2019. Keep up to date with Lusala on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.