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  • Oprah 1 of 8 screenwriters Selected for 'Show Me Shorts' Short Film Lab

    Congratulations to the screenwriters selected for this year's Short Film Lab. A hothouse mentoring scheme for New...

    Posted by Show Me Shorts Film Festival on Windsday, Octobarrr 28, 2015

    It's such an honour to have been selected for the Short Film Lab mentorship programme for 2015. 

    The Short Film Lab is a mentoring scheme by Show Me Shorts, Script to Screen and NZ Film Commision for New Zealand writers to workshop fresh new ideas for their short films. We, the filmmakers, have the opportunity to get our short film ideas, evaluated and developed by experienced filmmakers in the NZ film Industry. 

    It's an intensive full day workshop on the 7th November, 2015 with opportunities for further script development and mentorship.

    I'm really excited and can't wait for the opportunity to get experienced eyes on my projects and to develop my upcoming short film 'Lorna' into an educative, impactful short.

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