Hypocrites and Strippers by Kim YaggedLucy, Shae, Vickie and Dona gathered their essentials before they walked out for the night's work. The strip club always required them to come with their basics: coloured lace bra and matching panties, a cashbox for their night's earnings, a change of clothes, makeup kit, 6 inch platforms, pepper spray and condoms because – as much their safety was the bosses priority, he could only do so much. Of course they walked out with bags large enough to fit that and more.

Lucy always had a separate toilet bagaltdedicated to "washing off the filth". It never missed a 30ml sanitizer bottle, aloe baby wipes, a douche "made in Germany" (bought off ebay), dental floss, mouthwash and a flannel to clean off her vagina because filthy notes somehow found their way down there. 'A thorough wipe-down after the dances will do'.

Shae, who always got turned on after her dances had her belts, whips, ropes and latex bodysuit packed, ready for an early morning bootie call at her Submissive boyfriend's house.

Vickie always had fruits and veg in her bag; cucumbers, zucchini, bananas and peculiarly large carrots which she claimed were to maintain her vitamin and energy levels but, who heard of veggies for energy?

Dona precious Dona; never left without her rosary, Bible and precious Mother Mary who she solemnly prayed after every dance.

Chair by Allen Jones, 1969, which depicts a woman bent into the shape of furniture