Subtleties of Our First Kiss

We lay there staring into each other. His eyes, a comfort to my restless ones. Not breaking gaze, not straying from the safety of his teary beady eyes that sent shivers down my spine, but drew me to its mystery. We both saw it. That mutual yearning in the communication of our souls. Our bodies aching contact, our souls craving unification, our spirits wanting.

As his face inched closer to mine, my heart, raced. Louder and faster. His breath warming the tip of my nose, the heat from his slender body radiating mine, the gap between, reducing, I drew breath.

And when his lips touched mine, like the brush of a feather, a surge ran from my lips to my heart. The contact, numbing. My brain muddled by the incomprehensible grace of this moment, yet, not trying to understand. My impulse was to bite his delicious lower lip. But I couldn’t, and he knew I wouldn’t. For the tenderness and perfection in this timeless moment would be ruined. And as the feathery warmth of his lips left mine, his face further and further away,our eyes locked. Filled with longing yet content. Filled with sadness yet glowing with joy and I couldn’t help but thank God, for the subtleties of this beautiful kiss.